Abandoned L.A. Punk

Abandoned L.A. Punk

Photo grabbed from the inside of the Los Angeles, Motherfucker! CD

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA


Lineup 1 (1981-82):
Vocals: Tony Reflex / Montana (real name Tony Cadena)
Guitar: Rick Hirschbein
Bass: Mr. Joe
Drums: Carrot

Lineup 2 (1983-84):
Vocals: Tony Reflex / Montana
Guitar: Dave Krocker
Bass: Roy Rodriguez
Drums: Chuy Ortiz

Lineup 3 (1985):
Vocals: Tony Reflex / Montana
Guitar: Chris Bowd (aka Jimi Huge)
Bass: Reid Campbell (aka Angus MacMannus)
Drums: Mark Banks

Recorded: Killed By Faith (1985)

Lineup 4 (1986):
Vocals: Tony Reflex / Montana
Guitar: Dean X
Bass: James Javier
Drums:Mat Young

After the Adolescents split up in 1981, singer Tony Cadena schlepped around a while and in late 1981 replaced the lead singer of a band called Vicious Dogs. The Vicious Dogs changed their name to Abandoned. They gigged sporadically and eventually recorded their sole official release, the rare Killed By Faith, which is fairly entertaining speed-metal-popcore that basically sounds like a slightly thrashier version of the Adolescents. Los Angeles, Motherfucker!!! handily reissues the whole of the album and adds adds demos and a live rehearsal tape from 1986. Carrot was also a onetime drummer for Social Distortion. Chris Bowd and Reid Campbell also played with Modern Industry in the mid-80's.


Singles / Albums

Killed By Faith
(LP, 1985)

Extraneous Releases

Los Angeles Motherfucker!!!      
Los Angeles, Motherfucker!!!
(CD, 1996)





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