The Accursed - Going Down

The Accursed - Going Down

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Release Information

UK 7" 1984 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 3)

1 Going Down
2 I Didn't Mean It

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 41, 3 wks


Recorded on 26th Jan. '84 at Rendezvous Studios, Sydenham, London

Gary - bass
Steve - guitar + vocals
Glen - drums

Music & Lyrics: Steve Hall
Engineer: Martyn Phillips
Produced by The Accursed

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, APRIL 1984: Only one thing differentiates the ACCURSED from their many Britpunk contemporaries--they lack the well-produced sound that characterizes so many releases from England. Instead, they have a dense, raunchy guitar roar which adds oomph to fairly predictable material. "Going Down" is decent.

WORTHLESS TRASH (BLOG): I don't know why, but this single...does it for me despite being fairly typical of punk records from the same period. The best cut is B-side 'I Didn't Mean It', on which Steve warbles what sounds like 'I didn't mean it, it's the glue' in what could be taken as some sort of an apology for the shambles that was Up With The Punks, then again, maybe not. Both sides do lose a few points for getting a bit 'rock star' in the guitar department, but then, Steve always liked to show off a bit even in the Afflicted days. So who else can hear something good in this one? I'm guessing not many? But while your all thinking of something suitably derisory to say about The Accursed, I'll go dig out that Up With The Punks LP and officially downgrade side two to EX+ just in case I've missed any thing. I might even unscrew a tube of Bostik to see if that makes for a more pleasant listening experience (only joking kids!).

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