The Accursed - Laughing At You...

The Accursed - Laughing At You...

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UK LP 1984 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 4)

Studio September 1984
1 Laughing At You
2 Chainsaw
3 Invasion
4 I Believe In You
5 I'm Telling You
Live In Holland May 1983
6 Listen To Me
7 Take Me Through The World
8 High Speed
9 Annihilism
10 Going Down
11 I Didn't Mean It

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Steve - guitar + vocals
Gary - bass
Glenn - drums

Music & lyrics: Steve Hall
Produced: The Accursed!
Engineer: Martyn Phillips

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Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #20, DECEMBER 1984: This is their third 12"/mini-LP (hard to tell which these days), and probably their best yet. By no means generic punk, there are all sorts of strange noises and various counter-rhythms running thoughout, keeping the listener just a bit off-balance. And just when you think it just might be a bit too eccentric, they come back with their powerful sound. There is one self-indulgent klunker on the studio side, though, and the live side isn't quite as neat as the studio. Still, it's interesting.

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The Accursed - Laughing At You... - UK LP 1984 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 4) The Accursed - Laughing At You... - UK LP 1984 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 4)

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