Action Swingers / Loveblobs - Split

Action Swingers - Action Swingers / Loveblobs Split

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Release Information

UK 7" one-sided Flexi 1992 (Wiiija - WIJFLEXI 001)

1 The Loveblobs - Peanuts
2 Action Swingers - Courtney Love

Chart Placings



Live at the Sausage Machine, Wiiija Grunge War, Monday 19th October 1992

A1 from the Extraction E.P.
A2 from the More Fast Numbers E.P.

Other Credits

Action Swingers:
Ned Hayden - vocals, guitar
Howie Pyro - bass
Bruce Bennett - lead guitar
Bob Bert - drums

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Additional Notes

This was a freebie with Big Muff fanzine #5


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