Formed: New York, NY, USA

Mike Maytag AKA Ashley Morance - vocals, guitar, bass
Franché Coma - bass, guitar
Paul Zot - keyboards
Ed E. Enzyme - drum
Steve Zing - drums
Eerie Von - drums

Not to be confused with Active Ingrediants [sic] (the Christian skate-punk band from California that recorded for Beer City in the 90s), or the hardcore band from the 80s, this new wave outfit featured Mike Maytag, later in Mourning Noise, and Erie Von of the Misfits was also involved. Both of their very limited edition singles – entertaining, speedy punk-pop with quirky edges - were issued on the same day. Drummer Ed E. Enzyme went on to drum for The Undead (the Bobby Steele version, not the inferior UK band!).

“A construction man with no hardhat, a biker with no chain
A doctor with no stethoscope, a patient with no pain
A hippie with no marijuana, a priest without a cross
A cop without a pistol
They are dancing the Identity Loss”



Active Ingredients - Laundramat-Loverboy Active Ingredients - Hyper Exaggeration      
(7", 1980)
Hyper Exaggeration
(7", 1980)


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