A.D. 1984, Surrey, England, UK

Formed: Surrey, England, UK

Punk band which made one excellent single, The Russians Are Coming! The keyboards earned it comparisons with The Stranglers, but apart from that element it doesn't really sound like them at all. Catchy, semi-snarling and charming. The B-Side was okay, more of the same but less aggressive and with a worse song, and a bit too "singy". It goes without saying that the album referred to on the label, 'Paradox', never materialised.

The lineup on this single was:

Vocals: Rob Ross
Rhythm Guitar: Dave Fancourt
Solo Bass Guitar: Glenn Howard
Bass Guitar: Peter Stevenson
Drums: John Bell
Keyboards: Adrian York

The band's follow-up singles were not nearly as good. Race To Nowhere was a new wave thing which sounded like a less witty version of the Yachts, as did The Clockwork Generation.

1983's Mushroom Music (& Mayhem) was an insipid outing, which starts off as a kind of cocktail jazz/rock with reggae leanings, and though it fires up a but during the second half of the song, it's not enough. The B-Side '1984' is almost prog rock.

I've not heard their last single, Time (Through Everybody's Eyes).


Singles / Albums

A.D. 1984 ‎– The Russians Are Coming! A.D. 1984 ‎– Race To Nowhere A.D. 1984 ‎– The Clockwork Generation A.D. 1984 ‎– Mushroom Music (& Mayhem) A.D. 1984 ‎– Time (Through Everybody's Eyes)
The Russians Are Coming!
(7", 1979)
Race To Nowhere
(7", 1980)
The Clockwork Generation
(7", 1981)
Mushroom Music (& Mayhem)
(7", 1983)
Time (Through Everybody's Eyes)
(7", 1983)


A.D. 1984 ‎–  The Clockwork Generation        
The Clockwork Generation

Various Artists

Teenage Treats Vol. 1 UK LP 1998 (Xerox): The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians Are Coming (Punk Rarities 1977-'85) UK CDR 2013 (Fab Fuhrer/Second Chance): The Russians Are Coming

Gimme More Punk Junk!! UK CDR ???? (Get Baque): New Moon Falling




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