Adam And The Ants - Zerox

Adam And The Ants - Zerox

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (Do It - DUN 8)

1 Zerox 3.46
2 Whip In My Valise 3.59


UK 7" 1979 (Do It - DUN 8). Mispressed version

1 Zerox
2 Physical (You're So)

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 1, 59 wks
UK Chart Hit (1981): 45, 9 wks


Produced by Adam Ant

Other Credits

Adam Ant - vocals
Matthew Ashman - guitar, vocals
Andy Warren - bass, vocals
David Barbe - drums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: A monstrous guitar-driven slab of pop noise, avidly celebrating plagiarism-as-art, and singing the praises of nicking other peoples' ideas. 'Whip In My Valise' is a dragging dirge paying homage to S&M. Both sides are excellent.

Additional Notes

As a marketing ploy, Do It pressed 3,000 with a different B-Side, although because they didn't change the labels you had to play the thing to find out. You still do in fact, unless you're one of those people who examine run-out grooves in record fairs. There are also some "accidentally" mispressed copies which play The Hollies on the A-Side.


Adam And The Ants - Zerox UK 7" 1979 (Do It - DUN 8)Adam And The Ants - Zerox UK 7" 1979 (Do It - DUN 8) Back Cover

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