The Adicts - Sound Of Music

The Adicts - Sound Of Music UK LP

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UK LP 1982 (Razor - RAZ 2)
UK CD 2002 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 195)

1 How Sad 2:22
2 4 3 2 1 2:20
3 Chinese Takeaway 2:42
4 Johnny Was A Soldier 3:03
5 Disco 2:12
6 Eyes In The Back Of Your Head 3:10
7 Joker In The Pack 2:47
8 Lullaby 2:27
9 My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller 1:57
10 A Man's Gotta Do 2:09
11 Let's Go 1:53
12 Easy Way Out 2:56
13 Shake Rattle Bang Your Head 3:34
CD Bonus Tracks
14 You'll Never Walk Alone 2:04
15 Too Young 2:57
16 I Wanna Be Sedated 3:20

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit : 2, 13 wks
UK Chart Hit: 99, 1wk



Monkey - ocals
Pete - guitars, piano, vocals
Mel - bass, vocals
Kid - drums, vocals

Pete Beaumont - violin
Tim - drum dubs
Engineered & Mixed by Jesse Sutcliffe
Produced by Harry T. Murlowski and Steve Tannet for Ari Centus Corporation



Mastered by Tim Turan

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Their magnum opus. Better playing and more consistent material make it a pretty splendid example of “fun punk”, but the production is maybe a little bit too slick. Those rough edges on the dbeut are missing.

TROUSER PRESS, 1982: The music on 'Sound Of Music' is played hard n fast with vicious thrill rhythm guitar and is memorable, definitely teenage and, best of all, fun.

MELODY MAKER, 1982: ...consummating the ideal marriage of fizzy pop music and rampant, unrelenting and uncompromising Punk Rock...wacky, wizard and wheezy.

SOUNDS, 1982: Thank Christ for the Adicts. In this often grey and depressing world they entertain us, uplift us and unify us.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: A fabulous cover design on the ADICTS second album doesn't help an affable, yet insignificant, collection of pop-rock ditties reminiscent of a cross between the early ADICTS and ADAM & THE ANTS. The single ("Chinese Takeaway") is catchy enough, but most of the songs have a cloying style and no thematic depth or personality. It's O.K. for parties, I suppose.

Additional Credits

Bonus Tracks on CD:

14-15: B-Side of Chinese Takeaway 7", released November 1982
16: Previously unreleased

Additional Notes

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The Adicts - Sound Of Music - UK LP 1982 (Razor - RAZ 2)The Adicts - Sound Of Music - UK LP 1982 (Razor - RAZ 2) Back

UK LP 1982 (Razor - RAZ 2). Click here for more

The Adicts - Sound Of Music - UK CD 2002 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 195)The Adicts - Sound Of Music - UK CD 2002 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 195)

UK CD 2002 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 195). Click here for more


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