The Adverts - 77 - 78 Outtakes & Rehearsals

The Adverts - 77-78 Outtakes & Rehearsals

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UK LP 2007 (no label - AD1)

Side 1
1 One Chord Wonders
2 New Boys [sic]
3 Quick Step
4 We Who Wait
5 Bored Teenagers
6 Great British Mistake
7 Bombsite Boy
Side 2
9 I Surrender
9 Love Songs
10 Fate Of Criminals
11 Male Assault
12 The Adverts
13 My Place
14 Television's Over

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Side 1 - first five tracks are the 'Basement Tape' - a very rare tape from '77 recorded in their rehearsal room when The Adverts were still developing their unique sound, this tape was shopped around to many labels in '77 to get them a record deal while tracks 6 and 7 are rough mixes from the 'Crossing The Red Sea'.
Side 2 is made up entirely from 'Cast Of Thousands' out takes which sounded more raw and punk than when the LP came out"

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New Boys mistitled as "New Boys. This exact same set was issued on CD (legitimately) as 2 Demos Wonders '78-'79 Bootleg The Bootleg. The images hereare from Music Ruined My Life (I'm sure they won't mind).


The Adverts - 77-78 Outtakes & Rehearsals - UK LP 2007 (no label - AD1)The Adverts - 77-78 Outtakes & Rehearsals - UK LP 2007 (no label - AD1) Back

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