The Adverts - My Place

The Adverts - My Place

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UK 7" 1979 (RCA - PB 5160)

A My Place 2:52
B New Church (Live In Germany) 3:02

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Rod Latter - drums
Gaye Advert - bass
T.V. Smith - vocals
Howard Pickup - lead guitar

Produced by Tom Newman

Reviews & Opinions

Another lengthy delay, another new sound, and another set of great lyrics ("Something must have spewed me up..".). Some accused this of sounding like Donovan. It's true, it sounds a LOT like Donovan, but a punk Donovan. Play this, and then give 'Sunny South Kensington' or 'Sunshine Superman' a spin. For anybody put off by the semi-acoustic A-Side, the flip is a blistering live version of an oldie with a naughty word at the start.

Additional Notes

A-Side from Cast Of Thousands.


The Adverts - My Place UK 7" 1979 (RCA - PB 5160) The Adverts - My Place UK 7" 1979 (RCA - PB 5160) Back

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