ADZ - Odz 'N' Sodz

ADZ - Odz 'N' Sodz

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US CD 1999 (Amsterdamned - X 70025-2)

1 ADZ 1:55
2 Get Bent 1:33
3 Roadrunner 2:59
4 Do The Neck 2:39
5 Jackson 3:58
6 Jerk Off 3:07
7 Till The End Of The Day 2:14
8 Communication Unbound 3:20
9 Where Were You? 4:09
10 Flyswatter 2:49
11 Wrecking Crew 2:34
12 Tetsuo 1:56
13 Red As Blood 2:29
14 Stand Alone, Together We Fall 2:40
15 Long Tall Sally 4:53

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A collection of compilation tracks, singles, split-EPs, rare bonus trax, live recordings, demos, outtakes, pisstakes

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: A collection of singles, compilation tracks, stuff released only in foreign territories, live bits, re-recordings of past triumphs, and cover versions ('Roadrunner', 'Till the End of the Day', 'Long Tall Sally'). Though not without some good stuff, this is mainly for fanatics.

MATT SCHILD, AVERSION.COM: Unsurprisingly, this collection of unreleased, rare and live tracks isn’t the crown jewel of the ADZ’s catalog. Aptly titled, this album is a chaotic mix of both ear candy and nagging tracks lined up back to back, proving to be an album shifting gears too randomly to come together as a unified lineup. Like a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of a blockbuster movie, Odz’n’Sodz is too narrowly focused for anyone but the most ardent fans to truly take to heart. That isn’t to say the album is without its good tracks, however. In fact, the majority of the songs on this album prove to be solid, from the hard-hitting Get Bent' to the whimsical, yet sharp 'Jackson' to the wonderfully skeptical 'Stand Alone/Together We Fall'. Though giving listeners quality fare, the combination of songs taken from different points in this band’s career prove to be too hectic a mix to gel. More of a singles collection than an outright album, this record never pulls together as a unified unit.

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ADZ - Odz 'N' SodzADZ - Odz 'N' Sodz Tray

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