Man-Ka-Zam - Man-Ka-Zam

Man-Ka-Zam - Man-Ka-Zam

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US 7" 1978 (Britz - BRITZ 2)

A1 Spankathon
A2 Happy World
B1 Surf Rhapsody
B2 Love With Machinery

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Produced by Milman-Khazzam
Executive Producer: Joel Eric Peskin
Engineered by James Nichols

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Additional Notes

Image from the splendid No Fun blog, where you used to be able to download the EP. The band is credited as Man Ka Zam on the labels.


Man-Ka-Zam - Man-Ka-Zam - US 7" 1978 (Britz - BRITZ 2) Man-Ka-Zam - Man-Ka-Zam - US 7" 1978 (Britz - BRITZ 2)

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