Formed: Dundee, Scotland, UK

A great punk record from these Scots. It was issued without a sleeve on their own label, although there are in fact copies with a folded sleeve featuring an SS officers cap, although this is supposed to be manufactured an distributed by a fan without the band's permission or knowledge. Or so they say: maybe they're just embarrassed by it. Either way, the band is so obscure even Punk 77 hasn't written about them.


Singles / Albums

The Alternators - No Answers        
No Answers
(7", 1978)

Various Artists

England Belongs To Me Japan LP 1996 (77 Records): No Answers

Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland (1977-1984) ?? 2xCD 2005 (no label): Kids Don't Know


Bored Teenagers has this to say (it's where I got the lineup from)


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