Anabollic Steroids - LIVE!

Anabollic Steroids - LIVE!

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UK Tape 1982 (Stink - STINK 001)

A1 One Chord Wonders
A2 Burn The Flag
A3 Movement With No Name
A4 Never Forgive You
A5 Normal Person
A6 Fuck Work
A7 No Brains
A8 Normals On The Rampage
A9 2.2 Kids And A Mortgage To Pay
A10 Where Do I Stand
A11 Tell That Band To Fuck Off
A12 Nervous Breakdown
B1 Abnormal
B2 Puch Maxi
B3 Ability Stinks
B4 I Always Cry At Funerals
B5 Nervous Breakdown
B6 Funerals
B7 Abnormal
B8 No Brains

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Gerard - Vocals & Bass
Steve Steroid - Bass & Vocals
999 Manilow - Guitar
Kappa - Drums

As recorded and mass produced by Funky Furgy Dec '82

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