Androids Of Mu - The Androids Of Mu

Androids Of Mu - The Androids Of Mu

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UK Tape 1979 (Fuck Off - no

A1 Fast Car
A2 Everytime I Feel
A3 Pretty Nun
A4 Android Reggae Jam
B1 Reggae
B2 Space For D.I.Y. Freaks

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The Androids of Mu on this tape are:
Bess - bass, vocals
Clare - piano, vocals
Corrina - guitar, vocals
Cosmic - syntht [sic], bass, tambourine, vocals
Sooz - vocals
Steffy Notice - drums, sound
Special help from:
Zana - flute, vocals
Niki - sax, voice of god

Recorded on 19 August 1979 at Bristol Gardens Sound Room

Reviews & Opinions

Download it here, at Kill Your Pet Puppy, where this description (and the scan) comes from: "This original F.O. cassette is a C30 which means fifteen minutes a side. This fifteen minutes is actually not enough time for all the tracks listed on the sleeve to be completed in full, so expect a very sudden cut off with the last track on each side. Not sure what F.O. Cassettes were up to, perhaps it was a financial decision to avoid paying out for the blank C60 cassettes. The material on this tape is not quite as fine as the LP that was released on the same label late on in 1980, but is still sweet enough".

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