Angelic Upstarts - Blood On The Terraces / Lost And Found

Angelic Upstarts - Blood On The Terraces / Lost And Found

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UK CD 1991 (Slogan - SLOG CD 1)
UK CD 1994 (Dojo Limited - LOMACD11)

Blood On The Terraces
1 Pride Of Our Passion
2 Everyday
3 I Wanna Knighthood
4 Heart Attack In Paris
5 Four Grey Walls
6 I Don't Wanna Fight The Soviet
7 Our Day Will Come
8 Blood On The Terraces
9 Heroin Is Good For You
10 It's Your Life
Lost And Found
11 I Won't Pay For Liberty
12 Solidarity
13 Never Return To Hell
14 When Will They Learn
15 The Tut Shuffle
16 Box On
17 Living In Exile
18 No Nukes
19 Calypso
20 Never 'Ad Nothing (Live)
21 Leave Me Alone (Live)
22 Teenage Warning (Live)
23 Last Night Another Soldier (Live)
24 Guns For The Afghan Rebels (Live)

Chart Placings



1-10 Blood On The Terraces LP, 1987
11-24 Lost And Found, 1991

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Twofer with weak sound & appalling packaging, minus ‘Ruby’. Avoid.

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