Angelic Upstarts featuring Roy Young - Different Strokes

Angelic Upstarts - Different Strokes

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Release Information

UK 7" 1981 (EMI Zonophone - Z 25)

1 Different Strokes 2:31
2 Different Dub 2:40

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Produced by Denis Bovell

Additional Credits

Mensi - vocals
Mond - guitars, backing vocals
Tony Feedback - bass
Decca Wade - drums
Roy Young - vocals

Reviews & Opinions

DAVE RIMMER, SMASH HITS, 29TH OCTOBER, 1981: Different is the word. Surprise of the fortnight as the boys discover reggae and rope in Denis Bovell to produce for them. "If reggae's good for him, it's good for me," runs the chorus. Chorus too. They've even got a dub version on the flip.

PUNKY GIBBON: The Upstarts get all dressed up for this number, but by god this is bad! It's Mensi and singer Roy Young singing shit lyrics atop a bouncy, irritatingly chirpy piece of reggae. Some horrible squelchy keyboards push it even further into Musical Youth territory. It's produced by Dennis Bovell but is no match for his work with The Slits. Crappy dub B-Side, too.

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Angelic Upstarts - Different Strokes - UK 7" 1981 (EMI Zonophone - Z 25) Angelic Upstarts - Different Strokes - UK 7" 1981 (EMI Zonophone - Z 25)

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