Angelic Upstarts - England

Angelic Upstarts - England

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Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (EMI Zonophone - Z 12)

1 England 3:23
2 Stick's Diary 4:22

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Produced by Peter Wilson
Engineered by Chris Stone

Additional Credits

Mensi - vocals
Mond - guitar
Glyn Warren - bass
Paul Thompson - drums

Reviews & Opinions

MARK ELLEN, SMASH HITS NOV 27-DEC 10, 1980: Blimey! What's going on?? Up goes the Union Jack, violins swoon and guitar strings are gently caressed. In comes Mensi - "England, oh England, the country's so great/The land's so fair and true" - in a tone so stirring it brings a lump to the eye and a tear to the... hang about!...whaddya mean they're not serious?!

IAN STUART: I would like to have written 'England' by the Angelic Upstarts, I can’t believe that Mensi wrote it as he is such a left wing prat. He used to be nationalist until he realized that he could make more money being a leftwing.

Additional Notes

A-Side from 2,000,000 Voices. B-Side is listed on the back cover as the more gramatically correct 'Sticks' Diary'.


Angelic Upstarts - England  UK 7" 1980 (EMI Zonophone - Z 12) Angelic Upstarts - England UK 7" 1980 (EMI Zonophone - Z 12)

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