Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow

Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow

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UK LP 1984 (Picasso - PIK 004)
UK CD 1998 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 87)

1 One More Day 3:36
2 Machine Gun Kelly 2:35
3 Progress 4:15
4 Blackleg Miner 1:20
5 Who's Got The Money 2:58
6 Last Tango In Moscow 3:12
7 I Think It Should Be Free 3:28
8 Never Return 2:36
9 Rude Boy 3:02
10 No News 2:57
11 Jarrow Woman 3:17
12 Nowhere To Run 3:32
CD Bonus Tracks
13 Paint It In Red 3:47
14 There's A Drink In It 2:56
15 Listen To The Silence 4:22
16 She Don't Cry Anymore 2:47
17 I Won't Pay For Liberty 2:34
18 Never Return To Hell 2:56
19 When Will They Learn 2:57
20 No Nukes 3:22

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This album was made by the following people:
Produced by Mensi
Tommy (What it's worth and what I pay you is two different things) Mensforth (vocals)
Max (If it's liquid you must be able to drink it) Splodge (vocals, guitars, drums)
Ronnie (Don't threaten me with that bar of soap) Rocka (vocals, guitars)
Chalfont I.C.F. (Its not a lack of communication Mensi I just don't understand what your saying) Jaconelli (drums)
Brian (Does this plane stop at Dublin) Hayes (guitar, vocals)

Engineered by Colin Peter
Mixed by Ian (Lets have some fun) Phillips

Additional Credits

CD Bonus Tracks:

13-14: B-Side of Machine Gun Kelly 7"/12", released November 1984
15-20: Demos and outtakes, circa 1982-1984

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #19, NOVEMBER 1984: It's touching to see old bands hang in there, although I'm not too ecstatic about this case. Maybe I'd like a slightly less-produced version of some of the songs (way too clean and sparse for such slow-tempo stuff), but some of the songs are just plain lame. Splodge does a good job on the vocals though.

PUNKY GIBBON: Due to personnel changes and a low recording budget, there's a serious decline in the group's firepower here. This may have been up to the stanadrd of the former album had it not been for rushed production and letting Max Splodge take lead vocals on one song (the embarrassing 'Rude Boy'), because the songs themselves are perfectly acceptable: 'One More Day' and the haunting 'Jarrow Women' are as good as anything they have ever recorded; the title track an interesting experiment in 3/4 time (with synths); the likes of 'I Think It Should Free' and 'Who's Got The Money' are piledriving rockers of some note. Could have been great, as it stands, it's just pretty good.

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Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow - UK LP 1984 (Picasso - PIK 004) Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow - UK LP 1984 (Picasso - PIK 004)

UK LP 1984 (Picasso - PIK 004). Click here for more

Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow -UK CD 1998 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 87)Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow - UK CD 1998 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 87)

UK CD 1998 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 87). Click here for more


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