Anorexia Birmingham PunkANOREXIA

Formed: Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK

Fairly obscure band which started out in 1982 doing standard UK82 type punk.

Dave - Vocals
Bish - Guitar
Marc - Bass
Scott - Drums (pre-Alcohol Licks)
Mick Harris - Drums (pre-Napalm Death)


Singles / Albums

Anorexia / Indecent Assault ‎– United We Stand... But So Do They!        
United We Stand... But So Do They! (7", split with Indecent Assault, 1987)        

Extraneous Releases

Anorexia - Radical Riot        
Radical Riot
(Tape, demo, 1986)


Various Artists

Now That's What I Call Mucus UK Tape c.1987 (Mucus): tracks not known





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