Anti-Heros - American Pie

Anti-Heros - American Pie

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US LP 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125)

A1 The Tradition
A2 Carte Blanche For Chaos
A3 Heros & Zeros
A4 Fuck Hollywood
A5 Jennifer
A6 Rock & Roll Fantasy
B1 Return To Manzanar
B2 On The Streets Again
B3 Hurricane Bubba
B4 Jerry Was A Piece Of Shit
B5 Murder One
B6 Rock & Roll Nigger


US CD 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125)

1 The Tradition
2 Carte Blanche For Chaos
3 Heroes & Zeroes
4 Fuck Hollywood
5 Jennifer
6 Rock & Roll Fantasy
7 Return To Manzanar
8 On The Streets Again
9 Hurricane Bubba
10 Jerry Was A Piece of Shit
11 Murder One
12 I'm A Rock & Roll Nigger

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The Anti-Heros play broken, stolen, and borrowed equipment ...exclusively

Produced by James Klotz and the Anti-Heros
Recorded at Synchronized Sound, Atlanta, GA
Graphics and layout - Skilled Design
All songs written by the Anti-Heros except: 'On The Streets Again' by the Cockney Rejects & 'I'm A Rock And Roll Nigger' by Patti Smith
All photos by Russell King except concert photo by Allan Sullivan
The Anti-Heros would like to thank everyone we've played for and the band we've played with...

Vocals by The Unabomber [Mark Noah]
Mark Magee - guitars
Mike - bass and blackouts
Phil Solomon - drums and tantrums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Terrific punk album, with anger and humour. And how often do you get bands covering Cockney Rejects and Patti Smith!?

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Anti-Heros - American Pie US CD 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125)

US LP 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125)

Anti-Heros - American Pie US CD 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125) Anti-Heros - American Pie US CD 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125) Tray

US CD 1995 (Taang! - TAANG 125). Click here for more


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