Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate... People

Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate... People

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1982 (WXYZ - ABCD 2)

A I Hate... People 2:22
B Lets Break The Law 3:04

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit : 1, 19 wks
UK Chart Hit: 52, 3 wks


The ANWL are:
Animal - vocals
Magoo - guitar
P.J. - drums
Winston - bass

An Aurable Production

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #1, JULY 1982: Reactionary bikers posing as punks put out a second heavy metal 45 as pathetic as their first. All the record industry hype and rich backers in the world won't make these do-dos popular unless punks have become as undiscriminating as conventional rock fans.

WINSTON, SOUNDS, 1982: "I hate people 'cos people hate me". That's just an expression. Say you're trying to get a move on and the woman in font of you in the supermarket and won't let you pass. You feel a certain amount of hate inside. People might say they're pacifists and that they love everybody. but really they hate everyone. If someone falls over you you still put a boot in their face, don't you?

Additional Notes

Two different label designs. Both songs are remixed versions of tracks from We Are...The League.


Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate... People - UK 7" 1982 (WXYZ - ABCD 2) Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate... People - UK 7" 1982 (WXYZ - ABCD 2) Back

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