Formed: Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK

A fairly obscure punk band from Birmingham (the real one in the UK), Anti-Social claimed to the "the world's most violent rock group" and, in late 1978 (nearly a year after their single was released) offered £15,000 to anybody who agreed to be executed onstage with a guillotine. It turns out that there was a copy of this single in John Peel's famous box of singles i.e. the one box of records he would grab if his house was on fire. Verdict on music: utterly mundane 4th Division stuff. An album they were supposed to have recorded in '78 remains unreleased, although I'm sure Overground will dredge it up at some point!



Singles / Albums

Anti-Social - Traffic Lights        
Traffic Lights (7", 1977)        

Various Artists

Short Sharp Shock UK CD 1996 (Overground): Traffic Lights / Teacher, Teacher


Punk 77 page

Bored Teenagers, as usual, have some good stuff. Here

Download the single here


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