Annie Anxiety - Soul Possession

Annie Anxiety - Soul Possession

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Release Information

UK LP 1984 (On-U-Sound/Corpus Christi - LP29/Christ It's 10)

A1 Closet Love
A2 Third Gear
A3 Turkey Girl
A4 Burnt Offerings
B1 To Know Evil
B2 Sad Shadows
B3 Viet Not Mine, El Salvador Yours
B4 Waiting For The Fun

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 7, 11 wks


Produced by Adrian Sherwood

Prisoner [Adrian Sherwood] - drums trax
Derek Birkett - bass 2.5
Bonjo - percussion 2.8
Martin Frederix - guitar 5.7
Penny Rimbaud - drums 3.
Eve Libertine - vocals 6.
Kishi - obx, prophet, piano, Chinese harp - all trax / Linn drums 1.4.6.
Annie Anxiety - vocals except 6.

Original backing tapes - Jamiez. Paul Ellis. Doug Vasey. Penny Rimbaud. G Sus. Pete Wright.

Photos & Design - Eve Libertine.
All lyrics by Annie Anxiety
Recorded at Southern Studios in Summer 1983.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: More arty left-field weirdness, although here she actually extends her repertoire to song structures (not tunes) and proves herself a versatile vocalist, veering from seductive purrs to angry scowls, with everything in-between. The tribal rhythms and funky bass lines by Derek Birkett are suggestive of The Slits circa 1982, while the loose "songs" are similar to the unlistenable stuff Crass were doing when they went weird at the end.

Additional Notes

The On-U catalogue number is on the back of the sleeve, but it's really a Corpus Christi release.


Annie Anxiety - Soul Possession - UK LP 1984 (On-U-Sound/Corpus Christi - LP29/Christ It's 10)Annie Anxiety - Soul Possession - UK LP 1984 (On-U-Sound/Corpus Christi - LP29/Christ It's 10)

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