APT 3GMule - Apartment 3G Old Band

Formed: Portland, Oregon, USA

Apartment 3G

Apartment 3G

The rhythm section from an early incarnation of Poison Idea are the nice chaps behind Apt. 3G, whose odd name comes from a comic created in 1961 by psychiatrist Dr. Nicholas P. Dallis, which told the story of three working women living in New York. Or maybe it's a coincidence. God knows. Anyway, the band began life as Mule but had to change their name because the Detroit band Mule kicked up a fuss (which is more than the selfsame band did musically). Anwyay, Mule/Apartment 3G played fast but often melodic hardcore, and did it pretty well. Punk Machine sounds like a more disciplined, less crazed version of Poison Idea and stands up pretty well in its own right.

Apartment 3G



Singles / Albums

Mule - Land Of Treason Mule - Machine Gun Idiot E.P. Mule - Uncle Fuck Mule - Commits Commercial Suicide Apt. 3G - Punk Machine
Land Of Treason
(7", as Mule, 1990)
Machine Gun Idiot E.P. (7", as Mule, 1990) Uncle Fuck (7", 1991) Commits Commercial Suicide (7", 1992) Punk Machine
(LP/CD, as Apt 3G, 1993)
Apt. 3G - New Hope For The Dead Apartment 3G / Neurotic Christians Apt. 3G - New Hope For The Dead    
New Hope For The Dead (LP/CD, as Apt 3G, 1993) Apartment 3G / Neurotic Christians
(7", split, as Mule/Apt 3G, 1994)
Double Whoosher (2x7"/CDS, as Apartment 3G, 1995)    

Extraneous Releases

Apartment 3G - Shit No One Wants To Hear        
Shit No One Wants To Hear (CD, as Apartment 3G, 1996)        

Various Artists

Fuck Loud Music Germany CD 1994 (Ox Fanzine): Neurotic Girlfriend

For A Fistful Of Yens! Germany CD 1994 (Bitzcore): Do The Wrong Thing / White As A Sheet

Strange Notes! A Germs Cover Compilation Germany CD 1994 (Bitzcore): Land Of Treason / Golden Boys

So You Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Compilation? Germany CD 1995 (Bitzcore): Killer/ Girl I Threw Away / Cancer Neck

Cheap Thrills Germany CD 1990s (Bitzcore/Victory Europe/We Bite): Neurotic Girlfriend


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