Articles Of Faith - Wait

Articles Of Faith - Wait

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US 7" 1983 (Wasteland/Affirmation - 305056)

1 I've Got Mine
2 Wait
3 Buy This War

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V. Bondi, - vocals, guitar
J. Scuderi - guitar
D. Shield - bass
Virus X - drums
P. Grueber - mgr
S. Ross - hde.
Produced by AOF, P. Grueber, P. Mahern
Engineered by P. Mahern

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #7, JULY/AUGUST 1983: This new EP showcases A.O.F.'s musical versatility. "I've Got Mine" is a relatively slow Clash-influenced song with great dynamics and a quasi-psychedelic guitar that sporadically breaks into full-tilt thrash; "Wait" and "Buy This War" are intense, distinctive thrashers with innovative guitar interaction. A big step forward.

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Articles Of Faith - Wait - US 7" 1983 (Wasteland/Affirmation - 305056) Articles Of Faith - Wait - US 7" 1983 (Wasteland/Affirmation - 305056) Back Cover

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