Asphalt Jungle France Punk 1977

Formed: Paris, France

One of the best first wave French bands, Asphalt Jungle (along with The Dogs and certainly Metal Urbain) helped save the country's reputation after the awful Stinky Toys had embarrassed the French at the 100 Club Punk Festival. Their Déconnection EP lays claim as the first French punk single, and it's amazing that a career retrospective has never been issued.

Singer Eudeline embarked on a solo career, while his younger brother wrote the Nos Années Punk book.



Singles / Albums

Asphalt Jungle - Déconnection Asphalt Jungle - Planté Comme Un Privé Asphalt Jungle - Poly Magoo    
(7”, 1977)
Planté Comme Un Privé
(7”, 1978)
Poly Magoo
(7", 1978)

Various Artists

Le Rock D'Ici Á L'Olympia France LP 1978 (Pathé Marconi/EMI): Asphalt Jungle

Skydog Commando France LP 1978 (Skydog): Money

Les 30 Plus Grands Succès Du Punk France 2xLP 1987 (Skydog): Planté Comme Un Privé / Purple Heart

Nos Années Punk 1977 - 1980 France CD 2002 (Capitol/EMI Music France): Poly Magoo / Love Lane



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