The Astronauts - Restricted Hours

The Astronauts - Restricted Hours

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UK Tape 1989 (Acid Stings - ASR 4)

1 Getting Things Done 2:43
2 Moderation Is Boring 4:19
3 Still Living Out The Car Crash 4:22
4 Protest Song (Live 1980) 3:57

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The Astronauts originally released these songs in 1979 under the assumed name of Restricted Hours for an ep on the Stevenage RAR label.

1, 3:
Alan - guitar and bass
Gordon - home made synth
Mark - vocals & lyrics
Handclaps – The band, Christine, Gareth, Mick, Shaun
Recorded at the Crypt 19-20.8.79

Additional songs
2: 'Pranksters In Revolt' EP 1980
4: Live on the campus, Welwyn Garden City, May 1980

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