The Atoms - Swingalongamuck

The Atoms - Swingalongamuck

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UK 7" 1979 (Rinka - R23)

1 Max Bygraves Killed My Mother 3:20
2 BeatleJacket 4:00

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Keith Allen - vocals, piano
John Studholme - bass guitar
Roy Dodds - drums
Photios Demetriou - rhythm guitar
Keith James - lead guitar
John Studholme - synthesizer + Sue Gogan guesting

Both songs produced by Sue Gogan
Recorded on 4 track at I.P.S. Studios (Sheperds Bush)

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Reviews & Opinions

KEITH ALLEN, LET'S BE ADULTS ABOUT THIS #1, 1980: I've worked with [Max Bygraves] on a show, and I've seen what he's like. In some ways I do admire professionalism, and he's a very professional man. His professionalism allows him to come over as 'Uncle Max' to so many people. In reality, I know that he is a self-centred, mean, nasty, man. Either he's very, very greedy, which I'm sure he is, and either that is the reason I don't like him, or I don't like the sort of work that he does. I think it's that actually ...I don't like Max Bygraves because he is a nasty, mean, arrogant, capitalist pig. That is why I don't like him.

JAMMING #9, 1980: Comes like a diy kit - inside you get labe1s, bank sheets and much other stuff floating around. Onto the record - basically it's a humourous effort, and amazingly good. Catchy tune, well-played, very enjoyable, with a marvelously bad bit of Max himself at the end. The other side Beatlejacket, is even better - about 6 minutes long, but never boring. One of this issue's better releases - a superb single and I'd like to see more of The Atoms.

Additional Notes

Cam with various inserts, some of which are pictured. Some variations have b/w versions of the two images below. And 'Sheperds Bush' is their spelling of Shepherd's Bush, not mine.


The Atoms - Swingalongamuck - UK 7" 1979 (Rinka - R23)The Atoms - Swingalongamuck - UK 7" 1979 (Rinka - R23)

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