Formed: San Francisco, California, USA

Attitude Adjustment

Thrash/hardcore of the common or garden variety.

Their first singer Kevin Reed was replaced by Andy Andersen after a few gigs, and Chris Scapparo joined as second guitarist just in time for their Dead Serious Demo. American Paranoia marked their arrival as a biggish force on the "crossover" scene, but soon after they mutated into Condemned Attitude when Andersen, Scapparo and Strahl joined forced with ex-Condemned to Death guitarist Keith Chatham.

After this the group called itself Attutude for a while, releasing three singles as such, before going back to the Attutude Adjutsment name for more records. They're probably still going.

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Attitude Adjustment Live Images 2Attitude Adjustment - Baton


Singles / Albms

Attitude Adjustment - American Paranoia
American Paranoia
(LP, 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Attitude Adjustment - Attitude Adjustment Attitude Adjustment - Dead Serious Demo 1985 And Lost Session Tape 1986    
Attitude Adjustment (CD, 2010) Dead Serious Demo 1985 And Lost Session Tape 1986 (LP, 2015)      


Attitude Adjustment - Dead Serious Demo        
Dead Serious Demo (tape, 1986)        

Various Artists

End The Warzone US 7" 1987 (One Step Ahead): Bombs / American Paranoia

Rat Music For Rat People Vol 3 (CD Presents 1987): Big Time


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