The B-52s - Private Idaho

The B-52s - Private Idaho

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US 7" 1980 (Warner Bros - WBS 49537)

A Private Idaho 3:33
B Party Out Of Bounds (Instrumental) 4:32

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Produced by Rhett Davies and The B-52's
Engineer: Rhett Davies
Assistanrt Engineer: Benjamin Armbrister
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
Executive Producer: Chris Blackwell

From the Warner Bros. Album BSK 3471 Wild Planet

Additional Credits

Kate Pierson - vocals, organ, bass
Cindy Wilson - vocals, percussion, guitar
Ricky Wilson - guitar
Fred Schneider - vocals, keyboards
Keith ‘Julian’ Strickland - drums

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The B-52s - Private Idaho - US 7" 1980 (Warner Bros - WBS 49537)The B-52s - Private Idaho - US 7" 1980 (Warner Bros - WBS 49537) Back Cover

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