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Bad Brains - Bad Brains 1982 Tape

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US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-106)
US LP 1997 (ROIR - RUSLP 8223)
US CD 1996 (ROIR - RUSCD 8223)

1 Sailin' On 1:55
2 Don't Need It 1:07
3 Attitude 1:19
4 The Regulator 1:07
5 Banned In D.C. 2:12
6 Jah Calling 2:31
7 Supertouch/Shitfit 2:30
8 Leaving Babylon 4:10
9 Fearless Vampire Killers 1:07
10 I 2:05
11 Big Take Over 2:57
12 Pay To Cum 1:25
13 Right Brigade 2:27
14 I Luv I Jah 6:22
15 Intro 0:45
CD Bonus Track
16 [Untitled] 2:08

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All material on this cassette [CD] was recorded at 171-A Studios, N.Y.C., during August, September and October 1981, except 'Pay To Cum', 'I Luv I Jah' and 'Jah Calling' recorded live at 171-A on May 16, 1981.

H.R. - throat
Darryl - basses, backing vocals
Earl Hudson - drums, backing vocals
Dr. Know - gits, backing vocals

Recorded by Jay Dublee
Mixed by Jay Dublee and Bad Brains.
Mixing Engineer: Wayne Vican
Mixed at Song Shop Recording Co.
Mastering Lab - ASR Recording Service
Mastering Engineer: Stanley Moskowitz

Reviews & Opinions

MARK FLEISCHMANN/IRA ROBBINS, THE NEW MUSIC RECORD & TAPE GUIDE, 1987: In their quest to become a crossover band, these black jazz-rock fusionists from Washington DC (later based in New York) turned to orthodox speedpunk and released the memorable 1980 super-fast single "Pay to Cum" that established their mastery of that genre. Bad Brains' hardcore is a more distinctively modulated roar than most, but what really sets them apart are radically contrasting excursions into dub and rasta reggae. Hardcore's dogmatic streak makes it harder on chameleons than most rock subgenres; these guys almost get away with it. On the Bad Brains cassette album (and the four- song Bad Brains EP excerpted from it), the quartet excels in both fields: loping, Rastafarian reggae ("I Luv I Jah," "Leaving Babylon," "Jah Calling") and powerhouse political slam-rock.

MOJO: Described by the Beastie Boys' Adam Yaunch as "the best punk/hardcore album of all time", this 15-track affair was recorded in 1981 and issued on the then-cassette-only ROIR label (pronunciation: raw). America's answer to The Clash (minus the record sales), the DC rasta-punks never matched the rawness on offer here with their more sophisticated (and more readily available) recordings. Popular demand finally forced ROIR to issue the album on CD 14 years after its taped incarnation.

Additional Notes / Lyrics

This was also issued as Attitude - The Roir Sessions.


Bad Brains - Bad Brains  - US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-106)

US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-106). Click here for more

Bad Brains - Bad Brains - US CD 1996 (ROIR - RUSCD 8223)Bad Brains - Bad Brains - US CD 1996 (ROIR - RUSCD 8223) Tray

US CD 1996 (ROIR - RUSCD 8223). Click here for more

Bad Brains - Bad Brains  - US LP 1997 (ROIR - RUSLP 8223)Bad Brains - Bad Brains  - US LP 1997 (ROIR - RUSLP 8223) Back Cover

US LP 1997 (ROIR - RUSLP 8223). Click here for more


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