Bizex-B (Gävle, Sweden)

Formed: Gävle, Sweden

Bizex-B (Gävle, Sweden)Bizex-B (Gävle, Sweden)

Band Bio (by Zluggo Pop aka Larz Gustafsson) / Lineups / Discography / Debut LP voted best Swedish punk LP ever

Part 1 (1980 - 1983)

Bizex-B was formed in the Spring of 1980 by yours truly (Zluggo Pop - vocals), Walter Wideo a.k.a Perra Isaksson (guitar), Mats Colling (bass) and Jacob Gordin (drums). Our first gig took place here in Gävle, Sweden in April 1980 supporting legendary local punk band PF Commando. We played our second gig in May the same year together with a lot of different bands in an amusement park called Furuvik south of Gävle (Gävle is located around 200 kilometers north of our capital, Stockholm).

After this our drummer got busy elsewhere (no details...) so the bass player took over the drum kit and Åke Idol became our new bass player.

Bizex-B - LarzIn May 1981 we released our first recording, Äntlingen.. - a cassette tape - with that set. It was released in 150 copies only. Yet somehow a guy in Japan managed to get hold of a copy. Strange days indeed...

Our drummer Mats Colling left us and joined a band called Bizarre Orchestra (formed by ex-members of PF Commando after they had disbanded), so Micke Maskin (Micke Berglund) from the band Potenz became our new drummer.

In December 1981 we recorded our first album, Vi Lever! ("We're Alive!"). It was released in January 1982.

Eventually Micke Maskin decided to leave the band (and join a local band called Russian Submarines). But by this time Jacob, our original drummer had returned. So when we recorded our 2nd album, En Våldtäkt I Vinyl ("A rape in vinyl") in the Spring of 1983, Jacob Gordin was back behind the drum kit. The album was released shortly after it had been recorded. But by then Bizex-b had already disbanded.

Åke Idol, Jacob and me started Broadway Boys with a guy from Los Bohemos (Micke Maskin was in the band for a while as well) but that's another song, like Iggy sang.

Larz The so called Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk is ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY incorrect about Bizex.B. I have the book. Di Leva (whom I do know personally and who made it big in Sweden) was NEVER in our band at all.

The article written by Claes Olson (here) is also almost accurate with the exception of Pink Pyjamaz. I never sang in that band. I rehearsed with a band once and I thought that band was Pink Pyjamaz, but they were called something else. Not even the singer himself is sure about the actual name. Anyway, I didn't get anywhere with that band. It was disbanded, and I started Trash prior to Bizex-B. We did one gig supporting The Pillisnorks (featuring Di Leva, now a celebrity) and a band called Lars Langs. That was the only Trash gig.

Part 2 (2005-2017)

Bizex-B CD Release PartyThe Lurkers / Dead Scots / Bizex-B / The CrapsLarz - Bizex-B

In the fall of 2005 Bizex-B reunited and one year later we recorded a CD with brand new songs. It's called Tillbaka med en smäll ("Back With A Bang" - and NO, no connection!) The CD was released in 2007. The people who played on it were myself, Perra Isaksson, Urrke Thunman (bass) and Fritte Jonasson (drums). Fritte had been playing guitar in my very first band called Trash. But we only did one gig. That was prior to Bizex-B.


Bizex-B - Tilibaka Med En Smäll

Helvetet Väntar / Stranger To Love / The Man Who Wouldn't Leave His Past Behind / Rebel Radio / Leave Me Alone Tonight / Back Again / Tillbaka Med En Smäll / 008 / Revolution Är I Mitt Namn / Vive La Vie / Blitzkrieg Against Babylon / Hård Höst / Back Again (Outro) / Agent / Eternal Darkness / Mirage / Wild Wind Of The East / I Still Got My Songs

Lars: Recorded in 2006, released in 2007, this is our pride and joy.



Bizex-B ‎– Tillbaka Med En Smäll

Bizex-B did some gigs in 2010, 2012 (together with The Lurkers among others) and the last one in Stockholm in 2013. That was it for Bizex-B.

That's our story in brief.

Unfortunately our original drummer, Jacob Gordin passed away a few days ago. Deeply mourned, he was a fantastic drummer.

NOTE: The two black and white photos on this page were taken by MICKE ROSQVIST



Subsequent studio albums: Tillbaka Med En Smäll (2007), Halleluja Jesus Är Din Vän album art Halleluja Jesus Är Din Vän (2012).

Singles / Albums

Bizex-B ‎– Vi Lever! Bizex-B ‎– En Våldtäkt I Vinyl      
Vi Lever!
(LP, 1982)
En Våldtäkt I Vinyl
(LP, 1983)

Demos / Tapes

Bizex-B - Äntlingen...        
(Tape, 1981)

Various Artists

European Skinhead Army Norway CD 1996 (Boot Boys): Gävle Spelar Bara Jazz / Patriot / Regler / Revolt

Bloodstains Across Sweden #3 LP ???? (Bloodstains): Diamond Star

Killed By Death #51 Sweden LP 2003 (Punk-Lennart): En Våldäkt I Vinyl

Svenska Punkklassiker Vol. 2 Sweden 2xCD 2007 (MNW): Skjut En Vakt

Vägra Raggarna Benzin - Punk Från Provinserna 78-82 Vol. 3 & 4 Sweden 2xLP/2xCD 2015 (Massproduktion): Illamående Går Jag Ut Från Tempo


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