The Boys - The Complete Punk Singles Collection

The Boys - The Complete Punk Singles Collection

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Italy LP 2004 (Get Back - GET 120)

A1 I Don't Care
A2 Soda Pressing
A3 First Time
A4 Whatcha Gonna Do
A5 Turning Grey
A6 Run Rudolph Run
A7 The Worm Song
A8 Brickfield Nights
A9 Teachers Pet
A10 Silent Night
A11 Kamikaze
B1 Bad Day
B2 Terminal Love
B3 I Love Me
B4 You'd Better Move On
B5 Schoolgirls
B6 Weekend
B7 Cool
B8 Let It Rain
B9 Luck

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Additional Credits

A1-A2 I Don't Care 7", 1977 *
A3-A5 First Time 7", 1977
A6-A7 Run Rudolph Run by The Yobs, 1977
A8-A9 Brickfield Nights 7", 1978
A10 A-Side of Silent Night single by The Yobs, 1978
A11-B1 Kamikaze 7", 1979
B2-B3 Terminal Love 7", 1979*
B4-B5 You Better Move On 7", 1980
B6-B7 Weekend 7", 1980
B8-B9 Let It Rain 7", 1981

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* Can anyone confirm if these are the correct versions?


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