The Boys - Satisfaccion Garantizada

The Boys - Satisfaccion Garantizada

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Argentina CD 2004 (Rockaway - RWY 001)

1 Intro
2 Brickfield Nights
3 Terminal Love
4 Satisfaction Guaranteed
5 First Time
6 Jimmy Brown
8 Weekend
9 Soda Pressing
10 Rue Morgue
11 Poor Little Rich Girl
12 Svengerland
13 Classified Susie
14 See Ya Later
15 Independent Girl
16 Gabrielle
17 Interview
18 Heroine
19 Sick On You
20 Brickfield Nights
21 Bye

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ROCKANDROLL CENTRAL:...a must-have for anyone with their minds off track. All in all 15 greats from the Boys back-catalogue, including Svengerland from the deleted cd-single by the same name. Bonus tracks include Heroine and Sick on you with Die Toten Hosen singer Campino on vox, and most of all, four videos that´s worth the price alone! So for the Boys-fan that has everything these vids of Brickfield Nights (1978), Sway (1978), Weekend (1981) and Brickfield Nights (1996) is just the perfect thing. For everybody else, you need this disc, so just let go of whatever you´re doing and buy this masterpiece. The booklet shows an article Joey Ramone wrote for Punk Magazine in 1981 with the headline Give the Boys a break!! And you all know that good old Joey always was right! If I had some way of giving records grades, this one I would throw a thousand six-eyed dices and a hell of a lot pirate queens!

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