The Boys - The Collection

The Boys - The Collection

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US CD 2003 (Taang! - TAANG! - 156)

Disc One: The Boys
1 Sick On You
2 I Call Your Name
3 Tumble With Me
4 Tonight
5 I Don't Care
6 Soda Pressing
7 No Money
8 First Time
9 Box Number
10 Kiss Like A Nun
11 Cop Cars
12 Keep Running
13 Tenement Kids
14 Living In The City
Bonus Tracks
15 Watcha Gonna Do
16 Turning Grey
17 First Time (Long Version)
18 Lonely Schooldays (Demo Version)
19 I Don't Care (Alternative Version)
20 Take A Heart (Demo Version)
21 Run Rudolph Run
22 The Worm Song

Disc Two: Alternative Chartbusters
1 Brickfield Nights
2 U.S.I
3 Taking On The World
4 Sway (Quien Sera)
5 Do The Contract Hustle
6 Heroine
7 Not Ready
8 Classified Susie
9 T.C.P
10 Neighbourhood Brat
11 Stop Stop Stop
12 Backstage Pass
13 Talking
14 Cast Of Thousands
Bonus Tracks
15 Teachers Pet
16 School Days
17 Lies
18 She's No Angel
19 You're The Other Man
20 Silent Night

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MARK DEMING, ALL MUSIC GUIDE: ...these two discs are a blast from start to finish. The tunes suggest these boys had a history in glam or pub rock before hitching their wagons to punk, but they embraced the four-on-the-floor blama-lama of punk with righteous enthusiasm, and their cheeky sense of humor fit the new noise like a glove on songs like "Kiss Like a Nun," "First Time," " "T.C.P.," and "Sway (Quien Sera)." Along with the first two albums, The Collection also includes 14 demos, outtakes, B-sides, and tracks from The Boys' Christmas album, released as the Yobs (and their rip through "Run Rudolph Run" is a cracking bridge between the old and new schools). The Collection is a top-notch introduction to one of the most underrated bands of punk's first graduating class, and for most folks this is as much from The Boys as you'll ever need; it's fun, bracing stuff.

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