The Boys - You Better Move On

The Boys - You Better Move On

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (Safari - SAFE 27)

A You Better Move On 3:32
B Schoolgirls 2:25

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 30, 4 wks


Produced by Bjorn Nessjoe

Additional Credits

Jack Black - drums
Kid Reid - bass, vocals
Matt Dangerfield - lead guitar, vocals
Casino Steel - keyboards, vocals
Honest John Plain - guitar, vocals

Recorded and mixed at Nidaros Studio, Trondheim, Norway.

Reviews & Opinions

DEANNE PEARSON, SMASH HITS, MAY 29 - JUNE 11, 1980: The Boys have been around for a while now, involved in the punk and powerpop scenes, but never totally enveloped. They always retained an individual identity and style which has stood them in good stead, and it's obvious that they're reasserting that identity. An energetic "we're the lads" (but never the rowdies) combo, they still know how to inject their snappy, vibrant pop formula with new blood and showcase their genuine songwriting talents to the full.

Additional Notes

Front cover of the UK version lists title as 'You'd Better Move On'. The A-Side from To Hell With The Boys.


The Boys - You Better Move On UK 7" 1980 (Safari - SAFE 27) The Boys - You Better Move On UK 7" 1980 (Safari - SAFE 27) Back Cover

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