The Business - Harry May

The Business - Harry May

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UK 7" 1981 (Secret - SHH 123)

1 Harry May 2:16
2 Employers Black List 3:11

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 13, 13 wks


Steve Kent - guitars
Mick Fitz - vocals
Martin Smith - bass
C.F.C. (Crowds Favourite (Nick) Cunningham) - drums and lotsa moans

Produced by Ronnie (Rumour) Rouman for Anti-Disco League Productions
'Harry May' recorded at Matrix Studios, thanks to Tim and regards to Harry's nephew, 'Peckham' Phil Cutler

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Additional Notes

The B-Side is listed on the back cover (twice) as "National Insurance Blacklist (Be A Rebel And You'll Always Be Wrong)'. This song is "dedicated to all those who are on the blacklist and to those who didn't, but do now know there is an unofficial employers blacklist".


The Business - Harry May UK 7" 1981 (Secret  - SHH 123)The Business - Harry May UK 7" 1981 (Secret  - SHH 123)

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