Buzzcocks - Best In Good Food

Buzzcocks - Best In Good Food

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UK LP 1978 (Edible - GF001)

A1 Intro
A2 Fast Cars
A3 Fiction Romance
A4 Boredom
A5 Sixteen
A6 You Turn Me Up
A7 Orgasm Addict
A8 Pulsebeat
B1 Love Battery
B2 Time's Up
B3 What Do I Get
B4 Noise Annoys
B5 Walking Distance
B6 Late For The Train
B7 I Can't Control Myself

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Howard Devoto - vocals (Tracks A1 and B7)
Pete Shelley - guitar (Track A1), guitar & vocals (all other tracks)
Steve Diggle - bass (Track A1), guitar (all other tracks)
Garth - bass (Tracks A2-B3)
John Maher - drums

Track A1: LIve at the Band On The Wall, November 8, 1976
Tracks A2-B2: Electric Circus, Manchester , Oct 2, 1977
Track B3: From 1st Peel Session "mid-1977"
Tracks B4-B6: From 2nd Peel Session, 1978
Track B7: From "What's On" TV special, broadcast July 21, 1978

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. Cover lists this is a US release but, in true bootleg fashion, this was just a ruse to avert attention from the real country of manufacture.


Buzzcocks - Best In Good Food - UK LP 1978 (Edible - GF001)

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