Buzzcocks Lineups

1976 lineup

LINEUP #1 (1976-1977)

John Maher - drums
Steve Diggle - bass
Howard Devoto rn Howard Trafford - vocals
Pete Shelley rn Peter McNeish - guitar

There was a one-gig lineup before this, with Shelley, Devoto, Garth Davies (bass) and Mick Singleton (drums), but that don't count. This is the classic full-on punk lineup responsible for Spiral Scratch and the Time's Up demos. Devoto left in February 1977 because he "didn't like movements" and "was tired of shouting". He formed Magazine that April.

Buzcocks 1977

LINEUP #2 (1977)

Garth Davies (aka Garth Smith) - bass
Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals [back]
Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals
John Maher - drums

This lineup lasted from February to November and recorded Orgasm Addict. Garth was sacked for being a drunken eejit. Barry Adamson of Magazine joined to help out live, but never joined.

Buzzcocks 1977-1981, 1989

LINEUP #3 (1977-1981, 1989)

Steve Garvey - bass
John Maher - drums
Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals
Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals

The quintessential Buzzcocks lineup, responsible for everything they released between 1978 and 1981. The 1989 reformation with this original lineup was short-lived.



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