The Buzzcocks - Pulsebeat

Buzzcocks - Pulsebeat


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CD 1992 (Jumpin' Jive - JJ002)

1 I Don't MInd
2 Autonomy
3 Ever Fallen In Love
4 Mad, Mad Judy
5 Sixteen Again [actually Sixteen]
6 Moving Away From Pulsebeat
7 Noise Annoys
8 Love You More
9 What Do I Get?/Harmony In My Head
10 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
11 You Say You Don't Love Me
12 I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
13 I Believe
14 Fast Cars
15 Breakdown
16 Boredoms

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Recorded live in New York City 1979

Additional Credits

Pete Shelley - lead vocals/guitar
Steve Diggle - guitar/vocals
Steve Garvey - bass guitar
John Maher - drums

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Also issued as: Noise Annoys - What Did They Get?; New York 1979; Another Razor In A Different Face, Live NYC, '79. Recorded live Dec 1, 1979 at the Palladium, New York City.


Buzzcocks - Pulsebeat - CD 1992 (Jumpin' Jive - JJ002)Buzzcocks - Pulsebeat - CD 1992 (Jumpin' Jive - JJ002) Tray

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