Buzzcocks - Rat Vs Rat

Buzzcocks - Rat Vs Rat

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Germany? LP 1983 (Love Situation – NMA 562)

A1 Girl From The Chainsaw [sic]
A2 What Do I Get?
A3 Harmony In My Head
A4 Lipsticks [sic]
A5 Something's Gonna [sic] Wrong Again
A6 Noise Annoys
A7 I Believe
A8 Love Cattery [sic]
A9 Time's Up
A10 Bole [sic] Dom [sic]
B1 Breakdown
B2 Time's Up
B3 Bole [sic] Dom [sic]
B4 Friends
B5 Friends Of Mine
B6 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
B7 Why Can't I Touch It?
B8 Pulsebeat
B9 The End

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BUZZCOCKS DISCOGRAPHY: Marshal Peters notes: 'I can finally [May 1997] confirm this bootleg DOES EXIST on vinyl! The album features nine tracks from Hamburg Markthalle 23rd January 1981; the "Spiral Scratch" EP; and both the A & B sides of "Everybody's Happy". The Hamburg tracks have been mastered far too fast and sound absolutely ridiculous. The cover is professional black, white and red, whilst the labels bear the logo 'Love Situation' with no band name. Catalogue number on the album is ZZ1, whilst the spine displays another number NMA 652. The album appears to be of German origin. It appears from the sleeve that the LP was intended for sale in the UK, suggesting that you should "pay no more than 2.99 pounds sterling". The track listing details on the
sleeve are hilarious!'

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Buzzcocks - Rat Vs Rat - Germany? LP 1983 (Love Situation – NMA 562)Buzzcocks - Rat Vs Rat - Germany? LP 1983 (Love Situation – NMA 562) Back

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