Buzzcocks - Razor Cuts

Buzzcocks - Razor Cuts

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UK LP 1979 (no label - EGGGB9)

A1 I Don't Mind
A2 Ever Fallen In Love
A3 Noise Annoys
A4 Love You More
A5 Can't Control Myself
A6 Oh Shit
A8 Angelo (sort of...)
A9 Breakdown
B1 Forever On The Run
B2 Real World
B3 Operator's Manual
B4 Lipstick
B5 Promises
B6 Orgasm Addict
B7 No Reply
B8 Oh Maxine

Chart Placings



A1-A3: Live in anytown [Manchester, 1978]
A4-A5: Tony Wilson's "What's On" Special [Lower Free Trade Hall, Manchester, July 21, 1978]
A6-A8: Leeds Poly, 28.8.77
B1-B3: Love Bites Demo Tape, Mid 1978
B4-B5: Kid Jensen Autumn, '78 [BBC Session]
B6-B7: U,A, 1st Demo Tape, 30.8.77.
B8: Solo Feb '79 [Picadilly Radio, Manchester]

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This has also been issued on CD, apparently.


Buzzcocks - Razor Cuts - UK LP 1979 (no label - EGGGB9) Buzzcocks - Razor Cuts - UK LP 1979 (no label - EGGGB9)

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