Buzzcocks - Twelve Reasons

Buzzcocks - Twelve Reasons

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UK 2x12" 1980 (Centrifugal – 12CENT-09)

A1 Boredom (1st Take)
A2 Orgasm Addict
A3 You Tear Me Up
B1 I Can't Control Myself
B2 Breakdown (1st Take)
B3 Friends Of Mine
C1 Drop In The Ocean
C2 Big Dummy
C3 Boredom (3rd Take)
D1 Love Battery
D2 Breakdown (3rd Take)
D3 Time's Up (1st Take)

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John Maher Drums
Steve Diggle Guitar
Peter Shelley Guitar
Howard Devoto Vocals

Recorded at Indigo Sound Studios 1976, Manchester, England

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Buzzcocks - Twelve Reasons - UK 2x12" 1980 (Centrifugal – 12CENT-09) Buzzcocks - Twelve Reasons - UK 2x12" 1980 (Centrifugal – 12CENT-09) Back Cover

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