Formed: Croydon, South London, England, UK

Despite their meagre output - just the one EP during their initial spurt of activity - this band have remained a modest cult-level popularity for decades, and in the early 80's attained a certain notoeriety for being the fist band since The Rolling Stones to get banned from the Marquee. Their crime? Playing an encore.

They were formed in 1979 by schoolfriends Rob, Martin and Matt:

Matt: "We were still at school when we met. I’d been in one band before that – school friends who weren’t really sure what we were up to, practising and doing our first gig, in a scout hut I think, ‘cos the guitarist’s Dad was the scout leader. Slimey Toad, from The Mopeds, should take the credit, if “credit” is the right word, for putting us in touch with each other, to form CASE. He had a mate called Slug and I think it might have been at some out-of-hand party, at Slug’s parents’ house, whilst they were away, that Toad suggested we should look at getting together. Toad was a hero of mine (‘probably still is actually!) but I really took notice of what he thought, and said, back then. I’m glad I did".

Following the release of Wheat From The Chaff in 1983, the band split, onlty to reform briefly in 1985 with an altered lineup.

They have since reformed, and in 2012 released their second single, Grow Or Die.

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Singles / Albums

Case - Wheat From The Chaff        
Wheat From The Chaff
(7", 1983)

Extraneous Releases

Case - Ain't Gonna Dance!        
Ain't Gonna Dance!
(CD, 2011)

Various Artists

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 4 UK LP 1988 (Link): Smiling My Life Away

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 6 UK LP 1990 (Link): Oh

Oi! The Rarties Vol. 1 UK CD 1995 (Captain Oi!): Smiling My Life Away / Oh / Criminal Ways

Oi! The Demos UK CD 1997 (Captain Oi!): By The Way / Crazy Town / Criminal Ways





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