Chelsea - Right To Work

Chelsea - Right To Work 7"

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UK 7" 1977 (Step-Forward - 2)

1 Right To Work 3:02
2 The Loner 2:58

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Carey Fortune - drums
Henry Daze - bass
James Stevenson - guitar
Gene October - vocals

Recorded at Polydor Studios
Engineer: Peter Wilson
Produced by: M.C. and M.P.

Reviews & Opinions

DANNY BAKER, SNIFFIN' GLUE #10, June 1977: Oh it's Mark P's label, it's bound to get a review in SG, what a carve up. Well look, whether they've signed to Telefunken or what, Chelsea are a major new wave force - FACT. An' you can't argue bout a fact see. I don't owe Mark or no-one no favours, but if you miss this cos of anything, well.......well just don't miss it thats [sic] all. 'Anarchy', 'White Riot', and now 'Right To Work'. Get it.

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Chelsea - Right To Work - UK 7" 1977 (Step-Forward - 2) Chelsea - Right To Work - UK 7" 1977 (Step-Forward - 2)

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