Chumbawamba - Revolution

Chumbawamba - Revolution

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UK 7" 1985 (Agit Prop - AGIT-ONE)

HMV Side
A Introduction To History And Where We Stand. Which Side Of The
Fence Side
B And Its Application To Everyday Life. The R'n'R Factory Strike.

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 4, 34 wks


Chumbawamba on this record are:
Alice Nutter ....vocals
Boffo ..... guitar, vocals
Man Afraid ..... guitar, drums
Danbert Nobacon ..... vocals
Loo ..... vocals, guitar
Artmi ..... keyboards
Dunst ..... bass, vocals
Simon ..... keyboards, voice

Recorded at Woodlands Studio
All songs written and produced by Chumbawamba

If our music makes you happy, but content, it has failed. If our music entertains, but doesn't inspire, it has failed. The music's not a threat. Action that music inspires can be a threat.

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #30, NOVEMBER 1985: Hard to tell what's on both sides, but it doesn't really matter as this bugger is excellent. Besides a very stimulating 8-page booklet/cover, the music is riveting as well, making good the band's stated desire to not just entertain but inspire. Get it.

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Chumbawamba - Revolution - UK 7" 1985 (Agit Prop  - AGIT-ONE) Chumbawamba - Revolution - UK 7" 1985 (Agit Prop  - AGIT-ONE)


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