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The Clash - Take It Or Leave It!Take It Or Leave It! (LP, 1977)

The Clash - Live At Mont De Marsan 1977Live At Mont De Marsan 1977 (LP, 1977)

The Clash - White Riot Live 1977White Riot Live 1977 (LP, 1977)

The Clash - Sort It OutSort It Out (LP, 1979)

The Clash - Klashing With The ClashKlashing With The Clash (2xLP, 1979)

Clash On Tour - Live In Paris 1977/78Clash On Tour - Live In Paris 1977/78 (LP, 1979)

Cardiff-77Cardiff-77 (LP, 1980)

Clash in HamburgClash In Hamburg (LP, 1980)

The Clash - London Calling 7" BootlegLondon Calling (7", 1980

The Clash - Capital CrisisCapital Crisis (LP, 1980)

The Clash - Police (And Firemen) On My BackPolice (And Firemen) On My Back (LP, 1981)

HitsHits (3xLP, 1981)

The Clash - Impossible Mission - Live In ItalyImpossible Mission - Live In Italy (LP, 1981)

The Clash - LondonderryLondonderry (2xLP, 1981)

The Clash - In EuropeIn Europe (LP, 1981)

The Clash - Stinkfoot In HollywoodStinkfoot In Hollywood (LP, 1982)

Up And At EmUp And At Em (LP, 1982)

The Clash - White Riot LPWhite Riot (LP, 1982)

The Clash - Down At The Casbah Club (Or ... The Return Of Tory Crimes)Down At The Casbah Club (Or ... The Return Of Tory Crimes) (2xLP, 1982)

The Clash - Lochem FestivalLochem Festival (LP, 1982)

The Clash - Dusseldorf '84Dusseldorf '84 (LP, 1984)

The Clash - Serious EndeavorSerious Endeavor (LP, 1984)

The Clash - We Don't Miss Mick JonesWe Don't Miss Mick Jones (LP, 1984)

The Clash - Live In Paris '84Live In Paris '84 (LP, 1984)

The Clash - Five AliveFive Alive (2xLP, 1984)

The Clash - Bring The House DownBring The House Down (LP, 1984)

The Clash - S.O.S. Cardiff / New YorkS.O.S. Cardiff / New York (2xLP, 1984)

The Clash - New SpeedwayNew Speedway (LP, 1984)

The Clash - Come BackCome Back (LP, 1984)

The Clash 7" BootlegThe Clash (7", 1985)

The Clash - Back To BasicsBack To Basics (LP, 1986)

The Clash - Interview Picture DiscInterview Picture Disc (LP, 1987)

The Clash - The Summer Of '82The Summer Of '82 (LP, 1987)

The Clash - R-B Showdown Big City 1984 Volume 1 R-B Showdown Big City 1984 Volume 1 (7", 1988)

The Clash - Another History of the Clash Volume 1Another History Of The Clash Volume 1 (2xLP, 1988)

The Clash - Chicago Shakedown: Big City Volume 3 Chicago Shakedown: Big City Volume 3 (7", 1990)

The Guns Of BrixtonThe Guns Of Brixton (CD, 1990)

The Clash - JamaicaJamaica (CD, 1990)

The Clash - Hitsville USA: Big City Volume 2  Hitsville USA: Big City Volume 2 (7", 1990)

The Clash - Polydor Demo 1976-1978Polydor Demo 1976-1978 (CD, 1991)

The Clash - Bronx City RockersBronx City Rockers (CD, 1991)

Out Of ControlOut Of Control (CD, 1991)

Che GuevaraChe Guevara (CD, 1992)

The Clash - Money Made Us FlexibleMoney Made Us Flexible (CD, 1992)

Yellow RiotYellow Riot Tokyo 1982 (CD, 1992)

The Clash - Into The 80's Into The 80's (CD, 1992)

The Clash - U.S.A. 1979U.S.A. 1979 (CD, 1992)

The Clash - Rockin' The Red PointRockin' The Red Point (CD, 1992)

The Clash - Live In Cardiff 1977Live In Cardiff 1977 (CD, 1994)

Mutable PunksMutable Punks (2xCD, 1994)

The Clash - Police And ThievesPolice And Thieves (CD, 1994)

Lochem FestivalLive At The Lochem Festival (CD, 1995)

The Clash - Acoustic DazeAcoustic Daze (CD, 1995)

The Clash - This Is Live Clash: Chicago 1979This Is Live Clash: Chicago 1979 (CD, 1995)

The Clash - Clash CallingClash Calling (CD, 1995)

Sort It Out Tour - London Lyceum 29 Dec. 1978Sort It Out Tour (CD, 1995)

The Clash - France 1981 CDFrance 1981 (CD, 1995)

The Clash - Combat Out Rock (Combat Rock Outtakes)Combat Out Rock (Combat Rock Outtakes) (CD, 1996)

The Clash - Clash OverClash Over (2xCD, 1996)

The Clash - Reclaim The MusicReclaim The Music (7", 1996)

5 Go Mad In The Roundhouse5 Go Mad In The Roundhouse (CD, 1996)

The Clash - Trick Or TreatTrick Or Treat (CD, 1997)

The Clash - Pier PressurePier Pressure (CD, 1998)

The Clash - Rude BoysRude Boys (CD, 1999)

The Clash - From London To JamaicaFrom London To Jamaica (CD, 1999)

The Clash - Clash City Rockers Leuven Belgium Oct. 19th 1978Clash City Rockers Leuven Belgium Oct. 19th 1978 (CDr, 1999)

The Clash - Capitol RadioCapitol Radio (CD, 2000)

The Clash - London's Burning Demos & Outtakes 1976-79London's Burning Demos & Outtakes 1976-79 (LP, 2000)

The Clash - Louie Is A PunkrockerLouie Is A Punkrocker (7", 2000)

Birmingham's BurningBirmingham's Burning (LP, 2000)

Burning Tokyo - Live Clash '82Burning Tokyo - Live Clash '82 (2xCD, 2000)

The Clash - Rude Boy - The OuttakesRude Boy - The Outtakes (LP, 2001)

Guns Of SunderlandGuns Of Sunderland (7", 2001)

The Clash - Going To The DiscoGoing To The Disco (LP, 2000)

Golden BulletsGolden Bullets (LP, 2001)

Buy Or Die!!!Buy Or Die (CD, 2001)

The Clash - Live 1976Live 76 (LP, 2001)

The Clash - My Daddy Was A Punk RockerMy Daddy Was A Punk Rocker (LP, 2001)

Sex Pistols / The Clash / Buzzcocks ‎– Midnight Special At Screen On The GreenMidnight Special At Screen On The Green (2xCD, split, 2001)

The Clash - 1977 No Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling Stones!!1977 No Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling Stones!! (CD, 2002)

The Clash - Birmingham Brennt Live Barbarellas 26.10.1976Birmingham Brennt Live Barbarellas 26.10.1976 (LP, 2002)

The Clash - Bondage At BondsBondage At Bonds (2xLP, 2002)

The Clash Presents A Midnight SpecialThe Clash Presents A Midnight Special (LP, 2002)

The Clash - Combat Rock Unreleased VersionCombat Rock Unreleased Version (LP, 2002)

The Clash - Rebellos Garajos Demos & Outtakes 1977-1984Rebellos Garajos Demos & Outtakes 1977-1984 (LP, 2002)

The Clash - This Is TV ClashThis Is TV Clash (LP, 2002)

The Clash - Riot Control!Riot Control! (LP, 2002)

Street RatsStreet Rats (CD, 2002)

Lost TreasuresLost Treasures (CD, 2002)

The Clash - A Riot Of My OwnA Riot Of My Own (2xLP+12", 2002)

The Clash - Sayonara MickSayonara Mick (CD, 2002)

New York City RockersNew York City Rockers (CD, 2002)

I Fought The Law - London Lyceum 3rd January 1979I Fought The Law - London Lyceum 3rd January 1979 (CD, 2003)

The Clash - Another Combat RockAnother Combat Rock (CD, 2003)

Clash On Broadway 4 - The OutakesClash On Broadway 4 - The Outtakes (CD, 2003)

Deadly SeriousDeadly Serious (2xCD, 2003)

Friday Night Saturday MorningFriday Night Saturday Morning (CD, 2003)

The Clash - At BondsAt Bonds (2xCD, 2003)

The Clash - The Alternate ClashThe Alternate Clash (CD, 2003)

The Clash - Last Gang In Town: Rarities 1976-1984Last Gang In Town: Rarities 1976-1984 (LP, 2003)

The Clash - Rat Patrol From Fort BraggRat Patrol From Fort Bragg (2xCD, 2003)

The Clash - Kamikaze Clampdown (Live In Tokyo 1982)Kamikaze Clampdown (Live In Tokyo 1982) (2xCD, 2004)

The Clash - Paris CallingParis Calling (LP, 2004)

The Clash - No Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling StonesNo Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling Stones (LP, 2004)

The Clash - Kingston Advice Live In Jamaica 1982No Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling Stones (LP, 2004)

Sex Pistols / The Clash / Buzzcocks ‎– Never Mind The BansNever Mind The Bans (2xCD, split with Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks, 2004)

The Clash - White Riot Tour 1977White Riot Tour 1977 (LP/CD, 2007)

The Clash - Live Jamaica 27.11.82Live Jamaica 27.11.82 (LP, 2007)

The Clash - A Night Of Treason A Night Of Treason (LP, 2007)

The Clash - The Lost 1978 Studio E.P.The Lost 1978 Studio E.P. (7", 2008)

The Clash - Out Of Control Tour E.P.Out Of Control Tour E.P. (7", 2008)

The Clash - Rock The Casbah 2008Rock The Casbah 2008 (12", 2008)

The Clash - Tribal StompTribal Stomp (LP/CD, 2008)

The Clash - 100 Club Punk Rock Festival 100 Club Punk Rock Festival (LP, 2008)

The Clash - Tribal Stomp, The Encore EPTribal Stomp, The Encore EP (7", 2008)

The Clash - Live In AmsterdamLive In Amsterdam (LP, 2009)

The Clash - Rude Boy Outakes Part 2Rude Boy Outtakes Part 2 (7", 2010)

The Clash - Don't Touch That DialDon't Touch That Dial (LP, 2010)

The Clash - Two 77's Clash EPTwo 77's Clash E.P. (7", 2011)

The Clash - First Night White Riot TourFirst Night White Riot Tour (LP, 2011)

The Clash - Harlesden's BurningHarlesden's Burning (LP, 2012)

The Clash - Ties On The Line (Demos And Outtakes) Ties On The Line (Demos And Outtakes) (LP, 2013)

The Only Band That Matters: The Legendary BroadcastsThe Only Band That Matters: The Legendary Broadcasts (4xCD/LP, 2019)

The Clash - 16 Tracks16 Tracks (LP, 1980s)

Combat Rock OuttakesCombat Rock Outtakes (LP, 1980s)

The Clash - Death Or GloryDeath Or Glory (LP, 1980s?)

The Clash - City Rockers City Rockers (2xLP, 1980s)

The Clash - Clampdown, U.S.A.Clampdown, U.S.A. (LP, 1980s)

The Clash - När Djurgår'n Fick Flytta Ut Fr Djurgår'n IgensNär Djurgår'n Fick Flytta Ut Fr Djurgår'n Igens (2xLP, 1980s)

The Clash - All Or Northing All Or Nothing (LP, 1980s)

The Clash - Live USALive USA (CD, 1990s)

The Clash - LiveLive (LP, 1980s)

The Clash - One More TimeOne More Time (LP, 1980s)

The Clash - Jamaican AffairJamaican Affair (CD, 1990s)

The Clash - For Fxxks SakeFor Fxxks Sake (CD, 1990s)

The Clash - Blitzkrieg Bop E.P.Blitzkrieg Bop E.P. (7", 1990s)

Give 'Em Enough DopeGive 'Em Enough Dope (CD, 1990s)

The Clash - This Is Live ClashThis Is Live Clash (CD, 1990s)

For All The Young PunksFor All The Young Punks Demo Collection (CD)

D.O.A.D.O.A. (Demos, Outtakes, Alternates) (3xCD)

The Clash - Rat Patrol From Fort BraggRat Patrol From Fort Bragg (LP)

Rat Patrol From Fort BraggThe Rat Patrol (CD)

Mickey Foote DemosMickey Foote Demos (CD)

The Clash - The Burning StudiosThe Burning Studios (CD)

The Clash - Despatches From The Clash ZoneDespatches From The Clash Zone (LP)

Chaos in New YorkChaos In New York (2xCD)

The Clash - The 16 Tons TourThe 16 Tons Tour (LP)

Patriots of the WastelandPatriots Of The Wasteland (2xCD)

The Clash - Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall 1982Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall 1982 (CD)

The Clash - Bored With The USABored With The USA: Live At The Music Machine, London 1978 (LP)

Clash Songbooks Clash Songbooks (2xLP)

The Clash - The Boston TapesThe Boston Tapes (LP)

The Clash - The Sounds Of SinnersThe Sounds Of Sinners (LP)

The Clash - 18 Flight Rock18 Flight Rock (LP)

The Clash - London Calling SessionsLondon Calling Sessions (LP)

The Clash - Red ChinaRed China (LP)

The Clash - Interview With Joe StrummerInterview With Joe Strummer (7")

The Clash - Denmark BurningDenmark Burning (7")

The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope DemosGive 'Em Enough Rope Demos (7")

The Clash - The Sound Of The WestThe Sound Of The West (7")

The Clash - Rude Boy OuttakesRude Boy Outtakes (LP)

The Clash - Anarchy In The U.K. Tour 1976Anarchy In The U.K. Tour 1976 (LP)

Live In NYC 1979Live In NYC 1979 (7")

The Clash - Elvis Has Left The BuildingElvis Has Left The Building (CD)

The Clash - Punk Festival Bataclan 29 September 1977Punk Festival Bataclan 29 September 1977 (CD)

The Clash - Complete Chaos In New YorkComplete Chaos In New York (2xCD)

The Clash - T.V. EPT.V. EP (7")

The Clash - Atlanta's BurningAtlanta's Burning (CD)



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