The Clash - Five Alive

The Clash - Five Alive

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France 2xLP 1984 (Scrap - 198-40217)

A1 London Calling 3:38
A2 Safe European Home 3:18
A3 Know Your Rights 3:34
A4 Are You Red...y 3:36
A5 Rock The Casbah 3:34
A6 Sex Mad War 2:09
B1 Clampdown 3:35
B2 The Guns Of Brixton 2:54
B3 The Dictator 3:06
B4 Complete Control 3:23
B5 White Man In Hammersmith Palais 4:22
B6 This Is England 4:05
C1 Police And Thieves 4:37
C2 Three Card Trick 3:12
C3 Garageland 3:16
C4 This Is Radio Clash 4:27
C5 Janie Jones 1:56
C6 I Fought The Law 2:32
D1 Glue Zombie 2:25
D2 Tommy Gun 3:03
D3 We Are The Clash 2:42
D4 Brand New Cadillac 2:00
D5 Armagideon Time 3:17
D6 I'm So Bored With The USA 2:25
D7 English Civil War 2:26
D8 White Riot 1:45

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Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar
Paul Simonon - bass
Nick Sheppard - guitar
Pete Howard - drums
Vince White - guitar

Live in Scandinavia 1984
Mixed and produced at Kaftan Studio, Paris

Additional Credits

Recorded live at the Isstadion In Stockholm, 17th February, 1984

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. An edited version of this show was issued on CD as Out Of Control and Mutable Punks.


The Clash - Five Alive - France 2xLP 1984 (Scrap - 198-40217)The Clash - Five Alive - France 2xLP 1984 (Scrap - 198-40217) Back

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