The Clash - For All The Young Punks Demo Collection

For All The Young Punks

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Japan CD ???? (Tommy Gunn - CL-A03/04)

Micky Foot Demos '76
1 I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
2 London's Burning
3 White Riot (Take 1)
4 White Riot (Take 2)
5 Career Opportunities (Take 1)
6 1977
7 Janie Jones (Take 1 Inst.)
8 Heartbreak Hotel
Give 'Em Enough Rope Demos '78
9 Safe European Home
10 Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad
11 Stay Free
12 Groovy Times
13 Drug-Stabbing Time
14 Last Gang In Town
15 It's Not Over (Gates Of The West)
16 What Emotion
17 Clash City Rockers
18 Tommy Gun

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SHAROMA.COM: The first thing you'll notice about this is the poor sound quality. It does get marginally better as you go along, or you get used to it at least. It's muffled and distorted and generally not very good. However, you can still enjoy the songs, which are reasonably rare demos and outtakes of first album, 'Rope, and Cost Of Living EP material.

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For All The Young Punks  - ?? CD ???? (Tommy Gunn - no cat no)For All The Young Punks  - ?? CD ???? (Tommy Gunn - no cat no) Back

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